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Weather Modification Program, Man Attempts To Deceive Natural

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Weather Modification Program, the project is it? without me explain anything, surely the reader already knows whether the program. Of the weather manipulation projects, the most famous is certainly the alleged HAARP program is a sophisticated US-owned facilities capable of manipulating the weather as the superpower super weapon. However, it turns out the history of weather modification is older than HAARP facility itself.

Weather Modification Program, Man Attempts To Deceive Natural

Weather Modification or we are more familiar with the weather control according to wikipedia is the act of manipulating aspects - in particular aspects of nature to produce changes - desired changes to nature. The question is, can the deceptive nature with human brains? Underground control itself has a long history. At the time of the ancestors first, controlling the weather is normal for them, though more inclined towards magical, but they are very confident in the ability of humans to control the weather.

The first experiments in weather control in the modern era ever recorded occurred in 1950. scientist named John Von Neumann computers created a tool called Lightning Rod. The tool he is able to prevent the earth experienced an ice age again if it will happen. If the appliance is placed in the right position, then the tool will capture sunlight and reflect it back to Earth to balance the temperature at the earth's surface.

Possible for the reader sounds simple, but believe me, the project is not as simple as John we bayangkan.Sayangnya, this tool also never tested, because the proposal never test try in the Constitution, only learned only by other scientists. In 1950 - 1960, another scientist named Wilhelm Reich conducted experiments to rain.

The result tida known, but experiments Wilhem controversial because it was considered too dangerous. In the 1970s, Jack Troyer makes a tool called Rain Creator. The tool consists of a solar mirror, electromagnetic static field filler, and infrared frequency control devices. Jack The plan will rain in the area around Australia, and the project was continued by his successor, Peter Stevens.

Underground control has actually been used for various purposes, for example as below: 1. Cloud seeding cloud seeding technique is used to enhance cloud formation, so that the expected rainfall will increase. This manipulation technique is considered safe by the U.S. regulatory agency, but its effectiveness is still in doubt. By plane or by rockets fired special, special materials (silver iodide) deployed in the sky to trigger cloud formation and water vapor collected faster, sehinnga expected rain will occur more quickly. Although it may sound impossible, some developed countries such as the U.S., China, India and Russia have applied this technique. China even use it to bring down rain in the area - areas experiencing severe drought.

Weather Modification Program, Man Attempts To Deceive Natural

2. Abatement Hurricane

storm prevention technique is also used silver iodide chemicals to break up the formation of a tornado is formed. The principle is similar to cloud seeding, different techniques are used to weaken the tornado, not to eliminate it. America is known as a country that has always had a tornado stricken using this technique. One of his projects is StormFury Project conducted since 1962 to 1983. 3.

Manipulation Techniques Typhoon Not much information about this technique, it's just that there are several ways to prevent the occurrence of hurricanes, such as by firing a special laser to stop the lightning in the storm that a hurricane is formed, then pour liquid nitrogen into the sea to stop the heat energy in the hurricane. Those are some examples of weather manipulation with simple techniques that are used for various purposes.

The example above is one of the positive impact of the use of weather modification for the survival of many people, well, next I will discuss the negative impact of weather modification. previously Without us knowing, weather control has also been used in warfare, the term cool Weather Warfare. The weather war never took place more than 40 years ago.

Weather Modification Program, Man Attempts To Deceive Natural

Unfortunately I can not get the archives on the war, which obviously, because that's the use of weather manipulation warfare to warfare is prohibited by the United Nations because of its impact as electronegative as only felt by the warring parties alone, but the whole world felt the effects of the strange war.

Which is pretty unique, in 1971 the U.S. and Soviet secret cooperation in weather manipulation projects. One of his projects called POLEX (Polar Experiment of the Global Atmospheric Research Program) and AIDJEX (Arctic Ice Dynamics Joint Experiment) . The results of this project can be said to affect human behavior and mood change, so the weapon more terrible again.

However, not much more information on this project, the U.S. and the Soviet reportedly managed to melt a giant iceberg in the North Pole. currently , there are several companies that offer Weather Manipulation Program, please check the link this and this . Last, those countries - developed countries, weather manipulation machine is "Advanced Technology" is very dangerous if misused.

Though the use of weather manipulation machine for the military has banned ole The UN, after all there must be a country that will make it, the UN seems to be more vigilant and concerned about this issue, coz this is not a trivial problem. Do not let nature made ​​toys for the benefit of one party only because nature must have its own way to warn people.

Weather Modification Program, Man Attempts To Deceive Natural

Weather Modification Program, Man Attempts To Deceive Natural

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